Time and Attendance is the primary module of the SBV software. All of the configuration and employee information is contained within this module and is used by all other modules eliminating any double entry. This allows for complete data integration between all modules.

  • Employee information is centralized and available for use by all modules
  • Role based authorization limits each user to their employees and the data that they are allowed to view, add, edit or delete
  • Divisions of labor can be defined within the software, e.g. Facility, Location, Company, Division, Cost Center, Position, PBJ Job Title, Department, Unit etc.
  • Schedules are designed to handle multiple shifts within the same pay date with separate schedules for each shift, punching between consecutive shifts is not necessary
  • Labor Costing – assign labor levels at the employee, clock, punch or schedule level
  • Premiums – shift differential, weekend differential, time based differential, guaranteed hours, maximum hours, daily bonus etc.
  • Reports – employee, employment, time card, punch, hours, scheduling, staffing, accruals, attendance, clock, and audit reports
  • Audit trail – every change; a punch, time card, schedule, accrual or employee change, an addition, an edit or a deletion, can be attributed to a user and a date and time

Employee Information Details