Training is a two way process. Knowledge transfer occurs from our technicians to your staff, but also from your staff to our technicians. SBV prefers to start the training process early in the implementation so as to discover the steps in your payroll process. Information gathered by our technicians during training is used to revise and refine items such as your pay policies. The training process is one of the most varied steps in the implementation process. This is because training has to integrate very closely with the roles that your staff have within your company. As the number of staff using the software increases, the payroll process can be divided between your staff in very different ways. In some companies, this will involve multiple staff performing the same tasks. In other companies, department heads perform time card edits and benefit payments, and payroll staff perform validation and verification of the data, with the creation of the payroll file as the final step.

As such, SBV can provide the following types of training:

  • Remote or onsite training
  • Multiple short trainings (1 to 2 hour intensives)
  • Half day or full day training courses
  • One-on-one training with your key payroll staff
  • Group training with department heads or staffing coordinators
  • ‘Train the trainer’, for when you have large staff numbers and need to keep training costs to a minimum but achieve maximum training benefit
  • Conference style training at our company, onsite at your company or in a hotel conference room environment when staff are attending from various locations around the country
  • Individualized role based training programs are created so that staff are trained on only needed tasks, and a pre-determined agenda is followed
  • A dedicated onsite support technician is available on your first payroll day