SBV can interface with any payroll software or service that provides the ability to import your time data. The payroll interface is a three step process:

  1. A file is created by the SBV software in the correct format as specified by your payroll company
  2. Your payroll software imports this file, validating that the data such as employee ID matching to a known employee
  3. A comparison of total hours from both systems is done to ensure that all data exported was correctly imported

The responsibility for creating the payroll interface file is a joint effort between SBV and your payroll company. Your payroll company provides the file format specifications and SBV ensures that we create the payroll file to match those specifications. For a new payroll file specification, SBV will request a sample file as well as have your payroll company process a test file early in the implementation process.

SBV has interfaced with many national payroll softwares or services such as ADP, Matrix, PayChex and Viventium, as well as New York and New Jersey based long term care software providers such as Reliable Health Systems (CHARTS), National Care Systems and ADL Data Systems.